Walk To School Week 17th - 21st May

24th May 2021
Walk to School Week 17th -21st May
Well done to all the children in Key Stages 1 and 2 who made healthy travel choices by walking, cycling, scooting and parking then striding this week. These children in Key Stage 2 earnt stickers and a badge:
Charlie M, Blake, Finley, Verity, Oscar, Emma, Joseph BB, Connie, Isobel, Alexa, Harriet, Ben, Edward, Charlie K, Jack, Joseph R, Zachary, Emilia, George C, Freddie, Toby, James D, Andrew, Elsie, Ellie, Olivia-May, Eleanor, Kurt, James J and Lucy.
Congratulations go to all the key stage children in Key Stage 1 and in EYFS too for their active journeys! 
The following children earnt stickers and badges: Ralph, Bertie, Alfie, Daisy, Erica, Heath,  Martha, Anna, Megan, Freddie, Alice.