Summer 2023


Beach Day

Bamburgh Class have had a fabulous Dream to Change the World – beach school day. The children have listened to the story Dream to Change the World by Ken Wilson-Max on the beach and discussed the book. They have thought about John La Rose’s achievements and why they mean so much to so many people. We talked about how John followed his interests, skills and passions in order to create positive change in the world; in groups they thought of their own interests, skills and passions and how they could use these in a practical way to improve our world. The groups then came up with one or two potential projects that we could implement locally to help people or nature.

We talked about how John was a poet who founded New Beacon Books and loved to write and read poems and sketch in his notebook. The children wrote poems and read them to each other on the beach using the surroundings as inspiration.

 In his book John carefully observed, drew and wrote about the world he saw around him in Trinidad growing up. In groups they created their own world with all the places and things that are important to them.



Fascinating Creatures

Bamburgh Class were extremely lucky to find a common cockchafer which is also known as a May bug just outside our classroom. With the help from Mrs East and Mrs Church we were able to identify this unusual looking beetle. 

In class we carried out some research to find more. The beetles only live for 5 – 6 weeks, they emerge from the ground at the end of April, so they can usually be seen during the month of May, hence the name May bug. 


Coronation Day Celebrations
Bamburgh has had great fun celebrating the King's Coronation. We have learnt what a coronation is, what happens when a King or Queen is crowned and how some people have celebrated the King's coronation.
Our class has been full of lots of Kings and Queens as children designed their own crowns and imagined what it might be like to be King or Queen for a day. 
We made cucumber and marmalade sandwiches for our mini celebration and wrote instructions on how to make a sandwich. Cucumber was very popular and marmalade a close second. Mr Moloney chose Marmalade as the winning sandwich!