Autumn 2023

INTO Film Festival - Monday 13th November
We had a lovely little adventure as part of the National Film Festival as we walked to Lesbury Village Hall as a group of EYFS and Key Stage 1 to go and view The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child. It was a real treat to watch them on the big screen like a cinema experience and gave us a good taster of discussing film and which one we preferred. Thank you to the committee at Lesbury Village Hall for enabling us to be part of the festival.

Design & Technology Windmill Project
Inspired by the song, 'Mouse in a Windmill' Bamburgh Class have  designed and constructed  windmills for their clients the mice to live in.  They have explored various types of windmill, how they work and their key features.

Beach Day 13th October
Bamburgh Castle class had an amazing 'Great Fire of London' beach day with Bridie from Mudlarks! We used all of our knowledge about the Great Fire of London to recall amazing facts. Then we built what London looked like during 1666 in the sand. Each group included key features such as close houses, narrow streets, St Paul's Cathedral, Thomas Farriner's bakery and even a hole for Samuel Pepys to bury his cheese. 
In the woods we talked about how we knew it was Autumn and collected different types of leaves that had fallen off the trees and other precious autumn finds, each group displayed and talked about what they had found. In the woods we talked about how the 'Great Fire of London' started with a spark. In groups we had a go at creating sparks using a flint and steel.
Later we went back to the beach and talked about different types of materials. Then in groups we collected materials that had been washed up on the beach. We created museums to display and categorise our collected materials. 

Outdoor Learning Day 

On Tuesday 26th September Bamburgh Class had an ‘All About Autumn’ outdoor learning day with Bridie Melkerts from Mudlarks.

 We had great fun on the field with the parachute playing games and taking part in mindfulness activities to help practise our listening and teamwork skills.

We talked about how we know it is autumn and thought about what we might find in our local environment. In groups we walked around our school grounds, collecting as many different autumnal treasures as we could find - berries, coloured leaves, seed heads, acorns and pinecones. We carefully made our very own museums of autumn for the other teams to visit. Displaying our treasures carefully each group explained and shared the things they had found. 

 We thought about autumn as a time of change and as days get short and colder and how animals get ready for winter. We talked about migration and how some birds such as the swallow have already started their long migration journeys. On our walk near the estuary we spotted and identified many birds and thought about why the estuary was an important place for birds and other creatures.

 We listened to a story and thought about how and why some animals hibernate and others need shelters. In teams we built animal dens.



Bamburgh Class has been very busy this half term working together, setting and agreeing our class rules.

In Maths we have been counting in lots of different ways; comparing the length & height; counting and comparing a set of objects.

In PE we have been learning new skills with our fabulous NUFC coaches, learning to move in different ways and play new games using our skills.