Summer 2021

Beach School - July 

On Friday Bamburgh class had a fabulous beach school day. The children were introduced to the Marine Plastic Problem. We worked in groups to consider the plastic we use every day. We thought about the plastics we use and considered how they may find their way into the Ocean. 

We carried out a litter pick at Alnmouth Harbour and worked in teams to design and create an image of the beach to highlight the problems of Marine Plastics.

 In the afternoon we continued our topic work based around the story of ‘Meerkat Mail’ by Emily Gravett. In groups children designed and created a beach sculpture to represent somewhere they thought would be perfect for Sunny the Meerkat to live.



Beach School - Thursday 27th May
Bamburgh class had a fabulous beach school day exploring and observing rock pools. We found and identified many sea creatures and plants using ID charts. We found sea anemones, shore crabs, limpets, hermit crabs, barnacles and lots more!
We collected and examined shells that had washed up on the beach, looking closely at their shapes and thought about the habitat and food they would eat.
We recreated our own rock pools on the sand using a variety of natural objects we found on the beach to create art and sculptures. 
Mr Moloney came with us on his first beach school day to help us today. He really enjoyed rock pooling and seeing how we love beach school days.