Roving Reporter News

22nd January 2018

Holly and the Ivy Show

 On the 20th of December, we had a special visit from the Holly and Ivy show, with David on accordion, Laura who clog-danced and Stewart on fiddle. There was also audience participation, and some of us got to play their jingle-stick.

One part that we enjoyed was the rang-tang band. David, Laura and Stewart banged on shovels, metal buckets and colanders, and made lots of noise! They also wore jackets with colourful ribbons attached, and they had extras for some of us to wear.

 We sang some Christmas songs with them, and they taught us some new ones. They had fun actions to join in with, and we got to use some of their instruments to help with the songs.

 Their songs had a midwinter, Christmas or New Year theme. It was interesting and suitable for any age (even teachers enjoyed it!) It was all performed acoustically ; so all of the music was made by their instruments. It was also quite educational because we learned about traditions from the olden days.

  We got to see Laura do a clog-dance solo, her feet were tapping very fast and she made a tune while moving her feet. Clogs are wooden dance shoes that make noise when they make contact with the ground, they are similar to tap shoes.

 We all enjoyed their performance and found it very interesting and fun. We hope to see them all again next year!

By Sadie and Abigail Y6