Poppy Planting

28th March 2017

On Tuesday afternoon, pupils at Hipsburn Primary School were very busy planting poppy seeds. The school is taking part in a three year programme to mark the First Wold War. In November the children had a special assembly and took part in activities where they reflected on what the poppies represent.

This Tuesday, Mary Hollins, Tom Pattinson (gardening guru from the Northumberland Gazette) and parents ( Katy Batley, Jan Lloyd, Katie Rennie and Jennie Hughes) came along to prepare the ground for the seed planting. All pupils, some as young as four took their turn to plant their poppy seeds (donated by local residents). Tom showed the children how best to sow the seeds.

Mr. Moloney, headteacher, commented, “It is lovely to see the whole school community engaged together in such a meaningful activity. We are all eagerly looking forward to seeing the poppies flowering later this summer and in the years to come!”

In the photograph, the children can be seen holding paper poppies that they made in school this week.  The school would like to thank Wilko in Alnwick and VPA for their donations.