Online Safety

Online Safety Assembly - November 23
Key Stage 2 have taken part in an assembly and question and answer session with our local PCSO, Sophie. She discussed online safety and what to do about online bullying, including reporting comments that are unkind or hurtful. Sophie talked about how important it is to tell trusted adults if we see something that is not right online. She gave some top tips about usernames and passwords and private profiles too.

Online Protection Checklist for the Home - Internet Watch Foundation 

It is of vital importance to protect children from the online sphere. The Internet Watch Foundation has released a checklist to help mitigate the risks at home from the internet. This checklist covers all things related to child protection online at home. The eighteen page document, contains a wealth of information and ideas on how to reduce potential vulnerabilities. 

Please click here for a copy of the guidance.


Information for parents and carers on online sexual harassment and keeping children safe online.