Hipsburn Science Week

13th March 2017

Hipsburn’s Science Week Fun!

 On Monday 13th of March our school had exciting visitors! David and Hayley from the Centre for Life did fun activities with each class and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

 Reception, Year One and Year Two liked launching their mice into the air! The paper mice were cone shaped and were launched by the children. Using milk cartons, they blasted their mice into the air. The children decorated them and had fun seeing how far the mice could go in the school hall. Toby S enjoyed making the mice because they were fun to do. Olivia enjoyed seeing how far they could go across the length of the hall! Ellie had a great time too.

 Dunstanburgh and Ford did an amazing rocket workshop! As we walked into the school hall there were eight strange contraptions made from wood and plastic bottles. We were confused as to what to do with them.

 We made paper planes by rolling paper over a tube and taping one end of the paper so it was like a small cone. David and Hayley blew up the bottles to get plenty of air in them and we placed our rockets on the tubes on the end of the home-made machines. Once everything was ready, on the count of three we pressed down on the bottles releasing the air inside them and the paper rockets went in the air… but hit the ground after not really very long.

 After everyone had launched their rockets we were challenged to modify them to see if they would go further. We added wings and tails and we decorated them.  The second time round they were so much more effective! Some went a similar distance, some people’s rockets went the same lengths as before and some went soaring and crashed into the end of the hall!

 Whoever went the furthest and second furthest in each round went to the Semi-Final! Then the top four in the Semis would then compete for the best rocket in the Grand Final! Everyone wanted to know whose rocket would win overall. With one almighty push down on the bottle, the rockets flew up high and landed on the ground. There wasn’t a clear winner, but Izzy won in the end!

 We had lots of fun, thanks to the PTA funding our Science Day. We are very grateful and we had a very nice Science Week! 

   Sadie, Roving Reporter for Hipsburn Primary School