PE at Hipsburn

5th September 2018
Happy PE News.....
At the start of the summer we received the fantastic news that we achieved our Silver Games Mark Award! This makes it the second year in a row for us to participate in this award and achieve this wonderful result. It is thanks to our busy clubs, activities, sports fixtures, events in school time and in our afterschool clubs that have been participated by our ever active pupils. This year, with the help of Mrs Burroughs, Sports coaches and increasing inter-school events has continued to see a rise in a great variety of activities that the children can participate in. Well done to the active pupils of Hipsburn!
We can't wait to see what activities you get up to next and please see our PE Board for news and updates, we already have inter-school fixtures timetabled for the year ahead in a range of sports.
Happy active sporting times for Autumn 2018 in the mean time.
Mrs Johnson