Stay and Play

11th December 2017
Hipsburn Preschool Stay and Play
We wanted to show our parents and grandparents what we get up to in preschool and let them join in with our activities and daily routines. So,  on Monday 11th December we invited them to 'Stay and Play' for the morning. 
The day started with 'Wake and Shake'; we were delighted that mums and dads joined in too! Then we listened to our favourite story, Superworm. After our story we all headed to the woodland to search for Superworm. We looked under stones, bricks and logs. Guess what we found - Superworm safe and dry!!

Then back inside for Christmas activities and to sing our Christmas songs to our visitors. I think the mums and dads were exhausted after all that!
We all had a lovely morning and hope they will come back and join us again soon.
Love from 
The Children of Hipsburn Preschool (and Gillian, Karen and Louise of course)
We had some lovely comments about the Stay and Play day and wanted to share them with you:
'Thank you so much for the invitation to spend a few hours with my grandson's preschool class. The atmosphere was very friendly and the children clearly enjoyed playing outside in the woods. We went inside for some free play and Christmas songs which rounded the morning of very nicely. Very enjoyable, thank you'