Hogwarts comes to Hipsburn

23rd September 2019
Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Harry Potter themed Welcome Event on Friday 20th September. The sun was shining on Hogwarts and there were plenty of games and activities to keep the budding wizards and witches entertained. The PTA raised a magical £188.60 towards resources for school. We will update you soon with how the funds will be spent.
Well done to the following winners who were presented with their prizes in assembly today:
Maurauders Map - Harry S, Year 1
Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Bean Jar - Answer 474 Jelly Beans - Finn and Joe C, Year 6
House Elf Bake Off - Hogwarts Train (Toby G Y5) and Sorting Hat (Phoebe Y6)
A huge thank you to the following PTA members, governors and staff for their hard work and support: Amelia, Bridie, Jude, Steph, Sarah, Andy, Claire, Allison and Cherie.