Hipsburn Garden Blog

31st January 2017
December 2016
We received some free hedge plants from the Woodland Trust to brighten up the space next to our new fence. We hope that it will attract lots of wildlife too! 
A big thank you to John Steele, Pip Sharp and Bridie Gunn, our super Hipsburn volunteers for spending the afternoon planting the hedge for us. They took some photos so we can watch its progress.
Last winter John put some bird boxes around the school grounds. He has discovered that some have been damaged by woodpeckers! So, the team are coming back in the spring to do the necessary repairs and also to clear out the pond area. If you would like to help them please let me know.
January 2017
Tuesday 31st January: John Steele and Pip Sharp returned to school today to repair our damaged bird boxes. They cleaned the boxes out ready for the nesting season and put some special metal plates on the front to keep the Woodpeckers out. 
They found some old House Sparrow nests in two of the boxes and bought them into school for us all to see.
John, Pip and Bridie are planning to give the pond a well needed clear out in the next couple of weeks, so if you are able to spare some time to join them please let me know.