Grow a Fiver

16th July 2018
Grow a Fiver Showcase Event

Over the past few weeks KS2 have been working very hard on Virgin’s ‘Grow a Fiver challenge’. The children produced products to sell and devised fun and interactive fundraising activities. On Thursday 12th July we invited parents, grandparents and friends into school for a Showcase event.

What is Make £5 Grow?

Make £5 Grow gives young people the experience of starting a small business using a £5 loan from Virgin Money.

Now in its sixth year, 800 primary schools and over 60,000 pupils have participated in the programme.

Benefits for pupils

The programme gives pupils an insight into how business works and helps them to build skills for the future, such as teamwork, problem solving, leadership, money management and creativity.

The afternoon was a great success. The children manned stalls and welcomed the crowds into the school hall. The profits made will be used to buy resources for each class:

Etal Class - £149.39

Ford Class - £62.77

Dunstanburgh Class - £56.53

Well done KS2 and thank you for your support!