E-Safety at Hipsburn

At Hipsburn Primary School we pride ourselves in preparing our children to keep themselves safe on line. We have a comprehensive E-Safety Policy and we will address E-Safety issues as and when they arise.
E-Safety is an integral part of our curriculum and it is addressed during lessons and through assemblies.
Below are some links to documents and websites that may help to support you as parents to keep your children safe on line.

National Online Safety March 2024
Dear parents/carers,
We have joined National Online Safety (NOS), the worlds most comprehensive provider of online safety resources. They aim to empower schools and parents by providing the information needed to get young people talking about staying safe in the digital world.
Our membership with NOS provides a wealth of accredited course and resources for staff and parents delivered through a whole school community approach.
To access and log into you parent account please follow the link https://nationalcollege.com/enrol/hipsburn-primary-school
There is also a free app where you can download free guides and watch short videos to keep you up to date with the latest games, apps and technology to keep your children safe online.