National Poetry Day

4th October 2018
Thursday 4th October 2018
Today is National Poetry Day. During assembly Miss Cowell discussed poetry and how it can express freedom. Poems can contain nonsense words, don't have to rhyme and often create lots of imagery. 
Some of Year 6 volunteered to read various poems to KS2 about: the colour silver, daffodils, a poem about a tin can band and Sonnet 18 written by William Shakespeare. 
Some KS2 classes took part in BBC's Live Poetry Lesson. The lesson was led by award-winning performance poet, author and National Poetry Day ambassador Joseph Coelho, poet and author Tony Walsh, and CBBC's Katie Thistleton. The lesson featured poetry reading and performance and critical analysis of similes and metaphors.

Children were invited to delve into creative writing and use their imaginations to contribute to a mass Live Lessons poem.

Hipsburn Primary School also received a shout out during the lesson.

Well done KS2.