Hipsburn Sports Day 2022

18th July 2022
Hipsburn Sports Day 2022 
A big thank you to everyone for making Sports Day so special for the children. We are particularly proud of our School Sports Organising Crew who helped choose the races, prepare the activities and award the stickers. The crew received training earlier this year in School Sport Leadership, with other girls from local schools, as part of an Enrich initiative from Active Northumberland and did themselves proud. All the children demonstrated the school games values of passion, self-belief, respect, honesty, determination and teamwork. They had a great time, we hope you did too! 
Here are what the children thought of their Sports Day:

“ I liked how they gave out stickers to people who didn't win too. ”

“ I liked how the parents were there and everyone was waving. ”

“ I liked how my mum and dad were serving the drinks. ”

“I loved how the parents were helping outI. I had so much fun!”

“I loved the new races! ”

“ I like how the parents helped with the decorations and it looked really good. ”

“ I liked how people from year 5 and 6 helped organise the sports. ”

“ My favourite race was the dressing up one. I thought I was really good at it. It was fun! ”

“ I liked the baton relay race because we were all working as a team to win. ”

“ I liked the dressing up race because it was very funny. ”

“ I like the sprint because it was a fast race and I am good at running. ”

“ I liked the idea of sitting in the shade to keep everyone cool. ”

“ I liked all the activities, they were really fun! I also liked how the children chose the activities”

“I enjoyed everything. The ideas for the races were really fun. ”