Spring 2019

March 2019
World Book Day
Year 6 had a fantastic morning exploring Anthony Browne's Voices in the Park. We had a brilliant discussion around the themes that we could infer from the picture book, including friendship, family relationships, poverty and prejudices. 
We will be using this as a stimulus for creative writing and using Anthony Browne's illustrations as a model to create out own watercolour art work.
January 2019
Year 6 Science at DCHS
On Wednesday 23rd January Year 6 had the fantastic opportunity to use the labs at the Duchess's Community High School for a transition afternoon of fun-filled Science. We explored heating and cooling using the Bunsen burners and observing the changes in state of a variety of everyday materials- from chocolate to wood (even observing popcorn being made)! 
Thank you to everyone at DCHS for such a fascinating, educational and fun afternoon!