COVID19 Updates for Parents

11th March 2020
Hand Washing Workshops 18.3.20
A huge thank you to Robyn Sykes and Chloe Sim for coming in to school to put on informative (and fun!) hand washing talks and demonstrations for all the pupils. It was especially interesting to see our hands under the UV light; before washing there were large areas of green germs, but after a thorough hand wash the green had disappeared!
Update received 11.3.20
From Liz Morgan – Director of Public Health at Northumberland County Council:

Parents will be aware of national and international concerns about COVID-19, an illness caused by a novel coronavirus. 

Children should attend school as normal, unless they are contacted by Public Health England and advised otherwise.  Anybody who is identified as a contact of a case in the UK and who needs to take action will be contacted directly by Public Health England and given individual advice.

Remember – prevention is always better than cure so, as with the flu virus, the most effective way to protect yourself from Covid-19 is to adopt good respiratory and hand hygiene to prevent the risk of infection and a ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach to coughs and sneezes.

Hand washing is the most important lesson a child can learn and acquiring it is an essential lifelong skill. Children can be taught from as early as 2 years of age about handwashing so now is a really good time to reinforce that learning.  Fun ways and activities to teach children how to wash hands effectively are available at

It’s important that we all keep up to date with the latest government advice which can be found here: