30 Days Wild!

27th May 2021
30 Days Wild!
Throughout June, every class will be taking part in the 30 Days Wild Challenge and we are encouraging children to take part at home too. Your child will be bringing home a wall chart and nature table that they can use to track their wild acts!
30 Days Wild is a yearly challenge set by The Wildlife Trusts that asks everyone to make time for nature in June. The concept is simple: complete a Random Act of Wildness each day for 30 days. This can be anything from eating breakfast outside and listening to birdsong, to planting wildflowers for a passing butterfly. The act doesn’t have to be huge or difficult, it just has to be wild!

If you want to continue the adventure at weekends to take part as a family, sign up for your free family pack at wildlifetrusts.org/30dayswild.   
If you'd like some inspiration, take a look at the Random Acts of Wild Cards! 
Miss Gleghorn
Year 5/6 teacher
English and Science coordinator