Lego League Champions!

20th March 2023
Etal Class
Congratulations to our incredible Year 6 team who attended the regional Lego League Tournament on Monday 13th March. We are very proud of their exceptional hard work which was recognised when they were awarded the trophy for winning the innovation project award! 
This season’s competition, Super Powered, was all about exploring energy usage: thinking about storage, distribution and usage.
The team worked together to:
• Use and apply the FIRST Core Values and engineering design process to develop robot and Innovation Project solutions.
• Identify and research a problem related to the season theme and then design and create an Innovation Project solution.
• Identify a mission strategy and design, create, and code a robot to complete missions.
• Test, iterate, and improve their Robot Design and Innovation Project.
• Communicate their Robot Design and Innovation Project and demonstrate their robot in the Robot Game.