The Governing Body

Governor Name Category and Appointing Body Date of Original Appointment Term of Office Non-Financial Interest Financial Interest Committee
Mrs Allison Wort (Chair) Co-opted 18/11/14 03/07/18 to 02/07/22 None None Strategic Policy
Mrs Claire Vass (Vice-Chair) Authority 16/05/16 16/05/16 to 5/05/20 None None Resources
Mr Kevin Moloney (Headteacher) By virtue of position 11/04/16 no end date by virtue of position  Teaching Staff None Resources and Strategic Policy
 Mrs Joanna Johnson  Staff 01/03/13   01/03/13 to 28/02/21 Teaching Staff None  Strategic Policy
Mr Murray Davies Co-opted 01/03/13 01/03/13 to 28/02/21 None None Resources
Ms Louise Selby Co-opted  21/11/16 21/11/16 to 20/11/20 Parent of a child at school. Married to Burgage holder. None Strategic Policy
Mrs Catherine Whyte  Co-opted 07/02/17  07/02/17 to 06/02/21 Married to Chair of Parish Council None  Strategic Policy 
Mrs Catherine Stones Parent 01/12/18 30/11/22 Parent of a child at school None Resources
Mrs Lindsay Church Parent 19/11/19 18/11/23 Parent of a child at school. Married to Parish Councillor None Strategic Policy
Mrs Kathryn Brunton Co-opted 19/11/19 18/11/23 None None Resources
Mrs Jane McHugh Co-opted 19/11/19 18/11/23 None None Resources
Mr Richard Bishopp Co-opted 19/11/19 18/11/23 Trustee at NCEAT None Strategic Policy
Mrs Maureen Bickerdike Co-opted 19/11/19 18/11/23 Chair of Governors at Swarland Primary None Resources
Mrs Lorraine Starkey Co-opted 19/11/19 18/11/23 None None Resources


Lead Governors

eSafety and ICT

Murray Davies 

SEN, Inclusion and Equality

Jo Johnson


Catherine Stones


Allison Wort and Claire Vass

Early Years

Catherine Stones

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Allison Wort and Louise Selby

Progress and Attainment

Claire Vass and Catherine Whyte

Pupil Premium

Allison Wort & Murray Davies


Murray Davies

Catherine Whyte
Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural
Catherine Whyte

Other Governors during rolling Calendar Year


Resignation/Retirement and Date Effective

Date of Appointment

Sarah Etches

Resigned 28/06/2018


James Chapple

Resigned 31/08/2018


Tamsin Bowron

Resigned 07/01/2019


Amelia Hunter

Resigned 14/06/2019


Andy Dennis

Resigned 26/09/2019