Spring 2021


 Ford’s Fun Day on the Field 

On Monday 15th March, Ford Class had an eggciting outdoor learning day in the school grounds along with Bridie from Mudlarks and governors, Claire and Catherine.

The children loved learning about different types of nests and seeing some real examples and pictures of what nests were made from. They went on a nest hunt around school, thinking about places where nests might be, looking carefully using binoculars. Finally, the children built their own nests using some of the same materials that birds use to make their nests, including moss and mud.


March is a really important month in the life of our pond. The children learned how to pond dip safely and identified living things including frogs, frogspawn, ram horn snails and newts using identity charts.


It was great to see the children working together to plan an Easter egg hunt. They carefully hid their eggs and wrote clues to help the other team to find them. Everyone joined in although some of the clues were a little tricky!


There was also a drama activity; the children heard a story set in a pond. They reflected on the pond as their inspiration, and wrote and performed their creations to the rest of the class. There was a frog rap and a tale of a good frog versus an evil frog to name but a few!


We had lovely sunshine all day and it was wonderful seeing all the class having fun in the fresh air together. They were all superstars!