Bamburgh Castle Class

Letter 22nd January 
Dear Parents
Please find attached the Extra Support Timetable to help and support you through next week's home learning.

There are new learning packs to go alongside this timetable, there is a one for Year 1 and one for Year 2. These are available for collection at the school entrance in the foyer.

There are a range of activities, children may record their work in their book or on paper.  All the resources to support this timetable are also on Google classroom. I will launch the Google classroom resources tomorrow (Friday at 5.00pm).  This is different from last week as I am aware that some parents are home schooling on weekends. The activities for the whole week will appear on Google classroom, this is to allow parents an opportunity to look at tasks in advance. This does not mean your child has to complete all tasks on one day!

Everyone child has been sent their own login for the School Library Service so they are able to access a range or eBooks.

Thank you for your support and sharing the wonderful home learning you are doing.

Kind regards
Miss Richardson

Letter 15th January

Dear Parents

I hope you are all keeping well and have managed to access the home learning on Google classroom and are enjoying our Paddington and other topics.

There has been a lot of positive feedback regarding the extra support timetable. Many parents have found it a useful tool to help them develop a routine and provide support for their child on a daily basis. You may find that some days are better than others for home learning, so please feel free to adapt, choose and work through activities and tasks at a space that suits your family’s needs.

I wish to support you as much as possible, so I will be asking for feedback on what is most useful and beneficial for you over the upcoming weeks. I am striving to provide a range of activities, resources and lessons so make it easier for parents to choose activities and tasks that meet the needs of parents and children.

If you require any additional resources, reading books or printed copies of worksheets for next week, please do not hesitate to contact me so this can be arranged. Each class has a box/tray in the main foyer where resources can be left for collection at your convenience.

Miss Gleghorn has been in contact with the School Library Service (SLS) who are offering a free eBook platform with a login for every child to access a wide range of books. I will provide the login details for your child via Google classroom to enable you to access this service.

The priority during this time, once again, is that your child is happy and healthy so please feel encouraged to take this opportunity to allow your child to follow their interests, whatever these may be. Whilst the suggested timetable gives guidance on which subjects to complete in the afternoons, this is not prescriptive.

It has been wonderful to see lovely photographs and pictures of the children’s fabulous home learning. I would like to share home learning achievements in the next few weeks on Bamburgh class home learning page. If you have some home learning you would like to share, please could you send this to me or the office.

Once, again thank you for all your support.

Kind regards

Miss Richardson

Some of the work we have been doing at home during school closure:

Letter 8th January
Dear Parents
Using google classroom and trying to establish a home learning routine can be really tricky. I have put together an extra weekly support timetable that you might like to follow to help them through the week. You can click links or just work from the timetable using your home learning pack.
I have put on a range of activities. If you are unable to use a computer there are activities in the home learning pack or you can follow the English Ark activities from the timetable. Children may record their work in their book or on paper. 
The resources to support this timetable will be launched on Google classroom at 5.00pm on Sunday evening. The activities for the whole week will appear, this is to allow parents an opportunity to look at tasks in advance. This does not mean your child has to complete all tasks on Monday morning! 
If you need any further assistance, support or resources please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards
Miss Richardson

Letter 6th January 
Dear Parents
Please find an extra support timetable for this week to help  you and child with their home learning. The timetable is to help you navigate google classroom and help your child establish their new home learning routine.
Many thanks
Miss Richardson