Spring 2019

April 2019

Dunstanburgh Beach School Monday 1st April

We had a fantastic day: problem solving to building dens in the wind using our new, knot-tying skills, having races and creating our own Rock Museums. This is what the children thought:

I thought it was very interesting learning more about different sorts of rocks-Eve

I liked making the shelters with my friends –Bella I and Filip

I fixed the shelter when it broke-Hannah

We lay down in the basket swing and went really high, it was so much fun!-Andrew

I liked learning how to tie knots-Adi

I found a beautiful shell and made a telescope-Bella S

Emilia and I dug a really deep hole-Alex

I liked the races on the beach-Emilia

We enjoyed learning about the different birds-Penelope, Ewan and Lily

I loved having lunch at Hindmarsh Hall; it was like a big picnic-George

I liked looking at everyone else’s Rock Museums-Mia

I thought it was fun making a Rock Museum-Jacob

I invented a hot chocolate machine with marshmallows and a whipped cream dispenser –Kurt

I found a rock called obsidian- Brody

I made a flying toilet-Max

We invented a crumpet machine for our den-Olivia

We looked closely at the tidal estuary; I liked watching the birds poking their beaks in the mud for food-Elsie



February 2019
Beach School 
Dunstanburgh class had a brilliant day at Alnmouth Beach On February 14th. The children took part in games, sand sculpture, racing and Viking songs and sagas. A great day was had by all!
January 2019
Follow the link to our News page to find out more about our Viking themed Art lesson with Mrs Waugh.