Dunstanburgh Class 2019 -20


Beach School Thursday 19th March 2020

On Thursday 19th March, Dunstanburgh Class had a fantastic Beach School day in the glorious, Northumbrian sunshine. The children demonstrated their knowledge of the artists they have been studying, creating new art inspired by Joan Miro, L.S Lowry, Frida Kaylo and Georgia O'Keeffe. The children also experimented with different techniques and styles to sketch landscapes.  

The class reflected upon spiritual pilgrimages as they went on a pilgrimage of their own to the top of Bracken Hill where they sketched and wrote poetry in a variety of styles. 

The children also loved  learning about marine mammals found on the Northumbrian coast. They created super, sculptural forms back on the sand, whilst consolidating what we have been learning in science about teeth and digestion. 



Beach School Friday 7th February 2020
The Ancient Romans beach session developed children’s knowledge of Ancient Rome – we discussed the gruesome games Romans enjoyed and built our own Roman forts like the ones found along Hadrian’s Wall. The children's knowledge of was consolidated as they  incorporating everything soldiers would need  to defend themselves from the Celts and prepare to battle : walls, barracks, stables, baths, butchers, granary etc 
Romans transported goods and people all over the world so the children learned about the types of ships they used and made their own in the sand. Theatre was a much loved source of entertainment – we heard some Ancient Roman stories and wrote our own plays to entertain our fellow Romans.
A cold, but fabulous, day of learning in the fabulous, Northumbrian fresh air was had by all! Thank you to Katie, Katy and Anthea for their support.