Autumn 2019

Space Talk
This morning, Etal Castle Class were thrilled to welcome Professor Chris Done into school for a talk about space. Professor Chris is a professor of astrophysics and has worked with both the European and Japanese space agencies, as well as NASA itself!
We were all fascinated by Professor Chris's talk and learned a huge amount. We then worked collaboratively to generate questions such as 'How do we know there are one hundred thousand million (109) stars?' and 'What is a black hole and how is it formed?'
Judo Taster Session
Today, Etal class took part in a judo taster session. The children learned how to defend themselves as well as how to pin down and even throw their opponent safely. The pupils enjoyed the session enormously and there were huge smiles all round.
Game On
To celebrate the end of our 'Game On' topic, Etal were challenged to design and create their own game. Our year 5 and 6 pupils certainly didn't disappoint, and they brought in all manner of games: quizzes, board games, computer games designed on Scratch, card games and even a version of 'Twister' that you play with your fingers! We invited the other classes to come and see a showcase of our work, and it's fair to say that everyone had a great time learning about and playing Etal's games. What a fantastic way to celebrate the end of this half term's topic! Well done, Etal.
 Etal Class Beach School - Dengineers - 30.9.19
Visit to Centre for Life
Etal class started the new school year with a bang by visiting the Centre for Life on the very first day back! Our first activity was brilliant, and we learned how to programme Lego robots to move in different directions and speeds. Afterwards, we visited the Game On exhbition and played on arcade games like PacMan, while some of us even had a go on a VR headset! The pupils also enjoyed visiting the planetarium and the Brain Zone as well as seeing how we can use science to create tornadoes and lightning in a live science show. What a fantastic start to the new school year!