Autumn 2019

Twas the Night Before Christmas
Lindisfarne and Alnwick joined the Live Read to hear Santa in the North Pole read the story 'Twas the night before Christmas'. A 1000 other children listened to this fabulous Christmas story!
Christmas Lunch
December was a very busy month ,we worked hard and played so nicely,showing each other how to show kindness both with in our class and all around school.We had lovely Christmas lunch and Father Christmas came to see us as well.
The children enjoyed dressing up to raise money for Children in Need Day.They made a huge Pudsey Bear with Mrs Waugh,thank you Mrs Waugh-it was amazing!We also had great fun wearing ou spots...they were everywhere!!!
October 2019
Cosmic Yoga
Towards the end of this half term we have been trying some yoga as part of our physical development.  We have used our 'Superhero' topic theme and 'The Hungry Caterpillar' as an inspiration for our yoga stories and as a bit of fun the last week of term we even tried a Halloween yoga story.  We listened very carefully and worked hard to follow every move.  We have really enjoyed it and it has been a lovely way to develop our movement as well as relax during a busy term.
A special radiographer visitor!
As part of our Superheroes topic we are thinking about people who have jobs that help others everyday and today we were visited by a radiographer! We found out how they take special pictures of our body and bones.  Then using the light machine we had a go at being radiographers ourselves identify the x-rays and which part of the body they were from.  Thank you to Mrs Mather who very kindly gave her time to come and speak to us - we learnt lots!
Harvest Soup
In preparation for Harvest we had an afternoon of naming all the vegetables, learning how to chop safely using the 'bridge-grip' and then cooking delicious vegetable soup for Harvest.  At the end of the day we all sat down to enjoy our creation and even invited Mr Moloney in to sample some!   We have even saved some to share at the harvest festival and will be on stand-by if Cherie in the Kitchen needs us to make lunch one day!  
A Superhero Beach School Day 
What an amazing sunny autumnal day we had for our first beach school day. We began thinking about Autumn and all the signs we might see. We started a seasonal witch’s beach cookery class where we had to follow a simple recipe and collect natural ingredients to make magic potions and make and decorate Sand Scarecrows!
We then had some superhero races along the beach - there was some super flying!
Next we visited the Lifeboat huts by the beach and thought about what superheroes the crew of these lifeboats were. We compared the old fashioned lifeboats to today’s modern lifeboats.


After lunch heard the story of Grace Darling and acted it all out together on the beach. We finished by think about Lighthouses and made our own in the sand.


It was a fantastic day and we had lots of superhero fun! 

September 2019
Harry Potter Day
We have had a great start to the New School Year.We have enjoyed playing both inside and outside! Our Harry Potter Day was great fun...can you see all our interesting characters in the class photo?
Our Topic
As we are beginning to look at people who help us as part of our 'Superheros' topic we thought we would have a think about what we would like to be...are you ready for the future people running our country?! 
Reception children - First day smiles, say cheese .....